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Thanks for registering for our “Freedom Formula” training!

I promise you I will be there, on time, and give all that I have.

I hope you’ll put it on your calendar and meet me there.


P.S. Oh! I have a gift for you! A “video-copy” of my book, The Noble Path: How To Find Entrepreneurial Nirvana. It’s about giving and being a Noble Entrepreneur, you can watch it here.


IMPORTANT: Please Read This Page And Follow The Important Steps At The Bottom

This is Zhenya & Christopher, and we want to introduce ourselves and personally thank you for registering for our “Secrets to REAL Wealth & Abundance” Training taking place this Thursday titled:

ENTREPRENEURIAL NIRVANA: How To Create Six Figures Working For Yourself From Home

Since we’re sure you get offers for webinars all the time, we sincerely appreciate you accepting our invitation to this online training. In accepting the gift, you honor the giver, thank you.

This Thursday we’ll cover The PERFECT Business Model That Lets You Help Others While Doing What You Want, When You Want & Making Your Living Online… EVEN IF You Have ZERO Computer Experience.

This model is being used by a handful of Incredibly Successful people who are making a difference helping others to earn a consistent, steady paycheck online every month.

It is our promise and goal to work together to provide a select group of givers with full access to our methods to help them live a wealthy, full life.

This is going to be a “no-fluff” training with the exact info you need to get started doing what you love in the most low-cost, high-profit business out there, online. To be specific, with this business model you will have:

1) The blueprint for our exact business model
2) How the “Noble Path” can practically Guarantee your Success
3) No product, mlm, rent, staff or other typical business hassles
4) No one-on-one selling of any kind, people will come to YOU
5) Systems (automated) that will bring you a consistent paycheck

We’ll share as much as we can on the call regarding our exclusive processes AND even show you several success stories of REAL people who are doing this day in and day out.

NOTE: Because we want to make a difference in the world, we will be looking for a group of committed people who want to start their own online empire to change the world in your own way, starting immediately. This will be a group of worldwide people who want to further the cause and live their dream job/life, who are about supporting each other. No negative-nelly’s or drama-queens need apply.

As for required business experience (or computer) if you have a basic knowledge that will help. HOWEVER, what matters to us most is that you will actually take action with the methods we will teach you, step-by-step to achieve the financial and personal life you deserve.

During my studies, we’ve learned that it’s about YOU, you taking action and US helping you along the way. We do this because the more people we help, the more of you can help the rest. Win-Win-Win.

*** Whatever you do, be SURE to attend the Webinar on Thursday night ***

You’ll wish you had learned about this a LONG time ago.

As a reminder here is the webinar information – mark this in your calendar right now:

This Thursday

5:00PM Pacific
6:00PM Mountain
7:00PM Central
8:00PM Eastern

IMPORTANT STEP #1: Please check your email for YOUR private webinar join link. If you did not receive the email your email system may be blocking our email address. Please check your spam folder and also make sure you white list [email protected]

IMPORTANT STEP #2: Please print the email confirmation you received and post it next to your computer or area where you’ll attend the webinar. If you’d like to find out what time the webinar will be in YOUR time zone please go here:

Enter 8:00pm for the time AND Enter America/New_York as the ‘FROM’ time zone. Then simply select your time zone from the ‘To Time Zone’ list and then click the red ‘Convert Time Zone’ button.

IMPORTANT STEP #3: The webinar will get overbooked so please make sure you join the webinar (using the private link provided in the email) AT LEAST 5 minutes before 8:00pm on Thursday.

Talk to you on the webinar!

“Follow The Noble Path”
-Zhenya Noble & Christopher Lee

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