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Find the motivation to lose 10 pounds

Find the motivation to lose 10 pounds

You want to get in shape, increase your fitness and lose weight.  So did Janika.  She noticed her pants didn’t fit the same.  She didn’t get off the couch as much as she should. Her high school reunion was coming up and she wanted to wear the jeans that accentuated her curves.  They fit a little snug and didn’t look the way they should. She made a decision to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks and she did it. Do you want to know how?

First she enrolled in an online diet program. It was one that she had lost weight on before.  In fact, she used it about once a year, when her weight crept up after the holidays.  She was comfortable with its restrictions.  She probably could have stayed on it all the time, but inevitably she slipped back into some bad habits after a month or so.

Then she went on Amazon.  She ordered 3 highly rated fitness DVD’s.  One was a boot camp video with one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser.  One was a yoga video that came with a mat and the instructor had a very motivational way about him.  The last was a Latin dance instructional video.  She had always loved dancing and she figured she should incorporate fun into her exercise.

Next she started a Facebook group of supportive friends to keep her accountable.  She vowed to post the truth about what she ate and the exercise she did daily.  She requested that the small group reply with encouragement only.  Janika only invited people who would help her make healthy choices, and didn’t allow excuses.

She took these hard first steps in a matter of an hour. Now came the hard part.  She went to her kitchen, got out a garbage bag and put all her processed food in it.  She cringed each time her beloved comfort food hit the bottom of the bag.  She tried to keep a vision of herself wearing the jeans in the front of her mind but it wasn’t enough motivation to actually get rid of the food.  She went back to her computer, found a picture of herself, looking her best and printed it out. She thought to how hard she worked to look that good two years ago and decided she was ready to do it again.

She knew her high school sweetheart, Jack, just got married and she was still waiting for Mr. Right.  Maybe he would be at the reunion.  Anyway, it would feel good to show Jack what he gave up.  Knowing it was bitchy, Janika was motivated to be sexier and thinner than Jack’s new wife.

Every night when she used sit on the couch watchin t.v., Janika now spent  her time sweating in front of the t.v. with one of her workout videos.  Then she went and posted her stats on Facebook and relished in the accolades from the online community.

By the time of the reunion, the jeans hugged Janika’s hips without rolling over at the waist.  She got on the scale and found that she had dropped exactly 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

She met Jack’s new wife, but since the lady was obviously pregnant, Janika didn’t gloat about being skinnier and sexier.  She congratulated them and moved onto the dance floor, where her new moves, and stamina came in handy.  She wasn’t sure if she met Mr. Right, but there were some interesting new prospects.

What would losing 10 pounds do for you?  What motivates you?  How will you create a community of accountability?  Do you have something in your closet, that you’d like to wear again?