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Becoming a Sexier Woman

Becoming a Sexier Woman

You want to invest in your image.  You want to show the world the best, most confident you that you can be.  Maybe you want to catch somebody’s eye, but you aren’t secure with your looks. You are overwhelmed with choices and advice about what you should do first, how to find the time to do it and who to look to for help.  You aren’t alone.

Meet Christine.  She is attractive but as she hits her mid-thirties, she doesn’t look in the mirror as much.  When she does, she isn’t as happy with her reflection as she used to be.  She wants Paul to notice her, but she isn’t showing herself off.  Her 35th birthday is approaching and so she decided to give herself a gift.

She decided it was time to invest some time and money into herself, but she didn’t want do anything surgical.  Last week she stepped naked in front of a full length mirror and really analyzed what she saw from head to toe.  She made a to-do list help her turn back the hands of time a few years.

Her hair is naturally jet black and glossy.  The few grey strands that were springing up bugged Christine.  She decided to pluck them and get a haircut.  Coloring could wait for several years.

Then she smiled. She had the benefit of braces as a child and good oral hygiene to give her a row of straight, healthy teeth.  Years of coffee drinking, and two years of smoking in college, has stained them a slightly yellow color. She added teeth bleaching system to her to do list.

Next she jumped up and down a bit.  She noted any body part that jiggled, that should not jiggle.  She keeps active playing tennis twice a week and walking her Labrador.  But she noticed that she isn’t as tone as she would like to be, particularly in her upper body. She scribbled, “get tone”.

She admitted that she could stand to lose five pounds.  She grumbled at the thought of a diet, but wrote, “lose five pounds”.

Christine reviewed her makeover list. It read:

–         Pluck grays and get a hair-cut.

–         Bleach teeth

–         Tone upper body

–         Lose five pounds.

She put her clothes back on and took a look at her budget.  She decided she could spend only $100 on this project.  Without the benefit of an unlimited budget, she would need to be creative to accomplish her goals.


She called her friend and they brainstormed.  Together they made an action plan for each item on the list.

  • She could get a quality haircut at the beauty school for only $20.  Christine made an appointment for the next week.
  • There are plenty of do it yourself bleaching kits at the drugstore.  She read peoples reviews and ended up spending another $25 to get a top of the line kit.  She started using the kit that night.
  • She decided to get up 15 minutes earlier every day and add strength training to her daily routine.  She spent $40 for some simple equipment and a video to guide her.
  • She eats a fairly healthy diet but indulges in chips and a soda with her lunch most days.  Deciding to cut back to twice a week, would be an easy way to shed the extra weight.  It would also save her $7 a week.

With the remaining money and the money she would save on her lunch expenses, Christine decided she would buy a new dress to celebrate her new look.  She circled her birthday on the calendar.  She had 6 weeks to complete the transformation.

She couldn’t wait to get started.  Now a week into her project Christine reports that she is progressing well.  She says the hardest part was making the decision to confront herself in the mirror.  Now that she has a plan of action, she feels more confident of her success.  She has her eye on a black sleeveless dress at a vintage shop.

Giving yourself a makeover doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming.  Just be honest with yourself about your starting point.  Arm against failure with making a time and monetary budget that is realistic to your lifestyle.  Reward small successes.  Remember, confidence is sexy.

When do you feel sexiest?  What would be on your makeover agenda? Let us know.