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What a weekend!

I just spent an AMAZING weekend with the greatest people at Ryan Lee’s continuity summit. The best news is that I INVESTED in my education so I can offer more to you. That are soooo many things you can do to quickly and easily make money online working from home (or even to boost sales in a brick and mortar business)… most just don’t follow through since they get stuck working IN their businesses.

Mitch Axelrod shows us the difference between impressing customers with a big box of information versus giving them golden nuggets of information they can put to use and immediately improve their business (genius!).

Jerry Clark enlightens us (video below) on it’s not that we don’t know how/what to do, but it’s our internal processes that often hold us back. all comes from taking the noble path
Right Action: “Is the action one is taking, productive and helpful to all?” -Buddha